Why Tzimtzum?

Tzimtzum (or tsimtsum) is a Hebrew word with several meanings. (See an explanation at

God is often referred to as The Infinite, The Being with No End: “Ein Sof“. Creating a really finite word from the infinite became possible by God creating a “space and time” where his infinite light, “Or Ein Sof” is restricted. This was a quantum leap (Big Bum?) from infinite to finite:  Tzimtzum (contraction).

So, here we are, in a World where there is light and darkness, white and black and between them all the shades of gray and all the different colors.

To be able to make photos I (everyone) need lights and shades. This makes the forms visible.

A photo is a moment, when I take it, it is the present, when one sees it, it is a memory of the past.

So, I am taking the finite lights and the shades of the here and now into the future. Do I try to make a moment infinite? Well, kind of. May be not infinite, however, lasting a bit longer…

For me Tzimtzum is “making light visible” by its opposite, by the darkness.


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