SHAVUOT, Giving of the Torah with classical music (Schubert)

SHAVUOT. We celebrate the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai 3334 years ago.

The famous classical music composer Franz Schubert (1797-1828) produced a setting of the 92nd Psalm, Tov Lehodot La’Adonai. He was the only great composer before the twentieth century to compose a setting in Hebrew of the liturgy for the synagogue. Schubert was commissioned by Salomon Sulzer, a hazan and influential composer widely admired for his baritone voice, who reigned over the cantorial art at Vienna’s Seitenstettengasse Temple for 45 years, starting in 1826. (source)

We wrote special lyrics for the occasion over his famous composition, The Trout. The video is a cartoon, fun for all generations.
Let’s sing it together over this classical music tune.

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For children and for adults, for Jews and for non-Jews we wish joy and happy celebration of the Torah – all over the years to come!

From heaven God dictated
And Moses gladly wrote
For forty days and long nights
He captured every note
Commandments were falling
From above the holy cloud
Six hundred and thirteen
Mitzvas shining bright and loud

Let’s try to keep all mitzvot
And let’s live in Shalom
And caring for each other
Out and inside our home
For God is always with us
And hears all what we say
Alone or in a minjan
So, let’s just sing and pray

Composed by Franz Schubert, played by the Budapest Strings, sang by Gabor Domjan, designed by Helton Amaral, written and directed by Tamas Haim for EMIH (Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation)

CC Creative Commons
The video is CC, Creative Commons

I would like to dedicate this video to the wonderful team of the “Partners in Torah” and to my Partner, Elchonon, with whom we keep on studying since 2 years (since July 2020). We have got the Torah at Mount Sinai long time ago. This Team gives It to many of us again. Thanks!